Australian Curriculum: Technologies Resources

Hello again fellow preservice teachers!

I know it has been a while however, I have come to realise I need to post on this blog space.. and not just for the credibility for this assignment I’m about to talk about but genuinely for myself and my PLN!

So the assignment, I need to design and develop two resources, on for Design and Technologies and one for Digital Technologies..

Please let me know what you think of my design ideas so far..

Design and Technologies:

The resource designed is of website format and will ensure effective implementation and complete education of the content descriptions. It will require the students to work collaboratively in a group, undertaking roles, and identify how people design and produce shelters in different environments around the world, and identify how the shelters relate to the needs and wants of that local community. Within their groups, the children will then be required to design a shelter to sustainably suit a given location, and explicitly sequence their design ideas.

Digital Technologies:

As a website format, the resource will ensure the students will examine main components of common digital systems from the past and present and see how they transmit data. This will initially be done as a class, and then students will continue to work in a group. After the students have done this, continuing in their group they will choose from a list of information systems used today, state how it is sustainable, how it meets needs of people today and how it could be improved for use in the future.

Please keep in touch with this blog space as I will be posting links to my final resources in upcoming weeks! Yay! Let me know what you think 🙂



annnddd it is submitted, the last assignment for this course! I honestly never thought I’d see the end of it! The relief is amazing although I am not feeling very confident 😦

Safe to say this semester got the best of me! I wish everyone good luck in their future prac courses!

Farewell for now, Chloe..

It is over yet?…

Wow only 30 minutes until this last assignment is due and I still have a fair few blog posts to write 😦

I would just like to report on how I think this semester went..

Long. The word long explains this semester quite well! I feel especially this course has been very long and taken up most of my time! I know I probably won’t get all of my blog posts completed this time which is quite disappointing because for the last two assignments I was quite on top of everything.. I think towards the end of the semester we all lack motivation and for that reason I think that our final assignments shouldn’t be the most time demanding ..

I hope you all went well with your assignments this semester and have a lovely break! I all suggest you click this link, and don’t turn back! Make the plunge you deserve it!

Chloe 🙂

2 Weeks down, 1 to go!


Here is a quick wrap of my prac experience so far..

Week one, was quite tough for me.. I found it really difficult because expectations were high but I had no experience of the routine or a prep classroom before that I couldn’t keep up..

Towards the end of week 1 came and the start of week 2, I was feeling more confident.. As some of my lessons hadn’t gone to plan, and I had things to work on, I knew the expectations and knew how to work them into my lessons and everyday routine. The rest of week two was great. It was challenging and tiring as I am still learning.

This practical experience has been the richest of all of my pracs as I believe I have been given less guidance and have had to think more on my own and therefore learnt and grown much more from my mistakes..

here is some food for thought for your day :

Would you rather be ruined by praise or saved by criticism

I recommend you take a look at this webpage as it is full of motivational quotes and might give you that last push you need to persevere through your last week!

Chloe 🙂

Using ICTs on prac

I wonder how all the fellow EDC3100 students are going on their prac experience.

I know for some students it has been quit difficult to incorporate ICT into their lesson due to the lack of ICT resources available.

I have been lucky enough to have been given a class which has access to iPads, a class projector and BeeBots (although I would have loved an interactive whiteboard – maybe next semester!)

I have been incorporating BeeBots in most of my math lessons as the prep students love them, and they are a novelty so the students behave.

I have also came across a the top marks website which has lots of fun games the students love to play as a whole class on the projector, I recommend checking it out as it works even better on an interactive whiteboard.

I am loving the use of ICT in the lessons, they make it that much funner! The librarian has also mentioned they have interactive storybooks that the students can use to record their voice to tell the story, on Monday I am going to be trying those out!

I hope everyone else is having a great time on prac and not getting tied down to much from all our other assignments :/

Chloe 🙂


Good evening,

Here I am sitting at my laptop frantically trying to get organised for tomorrow prac :/

I came across Danielle’s blog post and she has listed off everything she has done to help herself be prepared for tomorrow! It really inspired me to think out of the box in relation to being prepared. I have the usual observation sheet printed, folders ready, bluecard and hat at standby but I hadn’t thought as far as Danielle and think up a get to know you activity or have my behaviour management strategies already though out. So I’d like to say thank you to Danielle, and get started on thinking outside the box.

I am sure many other students going on Prac tomorrow can understand the nervous sick feeling, and not knowing if you are organised as well as you should be..


Placements are out!

It was great waking up this morning to realise everyone had received their placements!

Admittedly, I am quite nervous to go next week as I always find prac quite intimidating for the first week as I don’t really know where I stand and what my mentor expects of me.

I am happy to say I got Prep! I have only ever taught year 4 and above and requested a younger grade so I can decide whether to take the Middle Years path or not.

I am personally feeling unprepared for prac as I have an assignment due on the day we commence which requires a lot of attention. I also have to keep on top of my other 3 subjects as well and prepare myself as best I can, I just hope I have enough time to organise myself appropriately. I’m sure others can agree.

Anyway, congratulation to everyone on receiving their placements and good luck!

Assignment 2 Complete!

Goood Morning!

Okay, so I know that for this assignment we aren’t required to write a blog once our assignment is finished but I believe it is in cause of celebration and I would like to celebrate by sharing it with everyone over this blog 🙂 WOOHOO only one more to do for this course!

I hope everyone else is on track and ready to submit!

Have a great day,

Chloe 🙂



Hi Everyone,

Not long now until Assignment 2 is due!! I still have to write two more blog posts, finish my task sheet and criteria and finalise my 500words.. Not to mention the other assignments I have to keep on top of.

Since I have so much to do you’d think I’d be getting stuck into it every chance I get, sadly I’m not .. I am the number one offender of procrastination 😦

I came across Frankie’s blog which helped me get back into the swing of things 🙂 take a look!

Enhancing my learning experiences through inclusion of an engaging game


As I am working on completing my learning path for ICT and having a browse through WordPress, I came across Kristie’s blog post regarding whether games are appropriate within a classroom setting.. I strongly believe that they are appropriate and should be used to engage students either at the beginning of a lesson, regain students attention throughout the lesson or at the end of a lesson as a form of revision.

As I was thinking all of the above to myself I shockingly realised that I didn’t have any form of game within my whole unit plan. I quickly decided to put a fun game at the beginning of the unit to engage my students and get them to draw on their prior knowledge.

Take a look at this webpage as it has a few ideas of quick games that can engage students.

Chloe 🙂